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Clinical Experience and Interests

Dr. Long has a broad experience in all aspects of neurosurgery.  He was a pioneer skull-base surgeon and has one of the largest surgical series of acoustic neuromas.  He has an equally large experience with diseases of the spine and the causes of spinal pain.  His practice now focuses upon patients with spine pain, identifying the causes and treatments to avoid surgery, if possible.  He has a special interest in patients with cysts of the spine (Tarlov cysts).  A clinical research project which aims to determine when these cysts cause symptoms and how they are best treated is currently underway in collaboration with physicians in Toronto and Boston.  

Currently he is involved in research to introduce new artificial discs, develop injections to replace disc surgery, inject chemicals into disc and bone to relieve pain, and find improved ways to treat spinal cysts.

Dr. Long's surgical practice previously emphasized skull-base tumors, particularly acoustic neuromas.  This includes one of the world's largest series of operations upon acoustic neuromas, a similar large experience with meningiomas of the base of the skull, and a broad experience with all other kind of benign tumors of the skull base.  He no longer does surgery for these tumors, but helps patients decide between options for management.

Dr Long has a longstanding interest in the treatment of spinal problems and the origins of spinal pain, and his current practice emphasizes this.  His clinical research has focused upon the value of treatments for spinal pain, both surgical and nonsurgical.  Since Dr. Long no longer does surgery, he can impartially decide when surgery is needed, and what kind of surgery is most appropriate.  He can also help guide you with choice of surgeons and institutions, based upon his extensive surgical experience and knowledge of neurosurgical centers.

Another major interest has been the treatment of patients who have failed many treatments for spinal pain (the so-called failed back syndrome) and many other kinds of spinal disease including an extensive experience with spinal tumors.
Dr. Long has studied brain edema, a spinal inflammatory disease called arachnoiditis, the Chiari malformation, syringomyelia, and all forms of neurostimulation.

He was PI (Principal Investigator) of an eight center nation-wide study of the causes of spinal pain, the results of treatment, and the natural history of acute spine pain.  This was called The National Low Back Pain Study.
Dr. Long's current practice in not affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine.